Heat A Florida Home

Florida Homes: The Best Way To Keep Them Warm

Florida experiences far more hot days than cold ones, but it is still important to have a way to keep a home warm when temperatures dip. Energy-conscious homeowners may wonder about the best methods for keeping Florida homes temperate on cold days without using too much electricity. There are options for Florida homeowners that can

Weather Preparation for HVAC Systems

Protecting HVAC Systems from Storm Damages

Extreme weather can seriously impact your home. One area vulnerable to these kinds of dangerous elements is your HVAC system. Flooding, high winds, lightning strikes, hail, and other acts of nature can cause severe, expensive harm to heating and cooling equipment. Steps To Prevent Storm Damage Thankfully, homeowners can take some steps to protect their

Smart Technology

How to Upgrade to SMART HVAC Technologies

Smart home technology allows you to control different elements of your home environment by connecting over Wi-Fi with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. There are a number of smart devices that you can use to automate different processes throughout your home such as heating and cooling, lighting, and security. These devices not only make adjusting

HVAC Scams

What Are the Common HVAC Scams & How Can I Avoid Them?

Though we love the HVAC business and enjoy helping our customers on a daily basis, the unfortunate truth is that some HVAC companies and contractors are all about the money. These scammers may take advantage of clients who desperately need maintenance services and do not have a lot of experience with HVAC systems. How to

HVAC Parts

HVAC 101: What Homeowners Need to Know

The average homeowner isn’t familiar with his or her HVAC system. Most of us figure as long as the system works as it should, we don’t have to worry. Actually, knowing the parts and terminology associated with your HVAC system can benefit you and your HVAC professional. The more you know about your system, the

A Basic Guide to Heat Pump Shopping

A Basic Guide to Heat Pump Shopping

In places with mild climates, such as Central Florida, a heat pump may be a cheaper alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems. Heat pumps can’t create drastic temperature changes like the usual systems can, but they can produce significant results using far less energy. What Is a Heat Pump? Heat pumps function under the

Payne Air -- Blog Banner -- Rocket Science -- 07-19-16

When Gardening and Indoor Air Quality Become Rocket Science

Back in the 1980’s NASA was looking for ways to improve the air quality in the microenvironments of the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station but in a way that was very cost-effective. When it costs up to and over $1,000 to send one pound of material into orbit, it makes a lot of

Proper HVAC Coolant Disposal

Proper Refrigerant Disposal and Recycling

You HVAC technician is a highly trained and skilled person. They have to be. Your HVAC system is a complicated system of machinery, electronics, and a volatile gas which likes to boil at -15* Fahrenheit. Every part of it meets extremely close tolerances and handles some incredible pressures and temperatures. In order to handle the