Spring AC Maintenance

Why A Pre-Summer AC Tune-Up is a Must in Florida

Spring has MORE THAN sprung here in Florida, which means the hot heat you’ve come to expect every year is upon us. As the temperatures climb, homeowners like you have already begun to run their AC units. Without having these units inspected, cleaned, or maintained, these homeowners are at risk of experiencing poor home comfort (i.e. being sweaty!), dealing with air quality issues, damaging their AC units, and running up major energy bills. Without being maintained for the first 6 years of life, your air conditioner can only run at 70% of its performance potential at best. That number declines as your system ages or with greater wear & tear. Basically, your system will reduce in efficiency by 5% annually when not cleaned & serviced. Further, the average repair call could cost hundreds of dollars depending on your system’s ailments whereas a maintenance tune-up is much more inexpensive and can be done NOW, instead of when you’re already seeing issues.

There’s a better way: Skip the fuss and schedule a simple late-spring tune-up on your air conditioner to prevent surprises later, identify any problems you might experience before summer heats up, get you in tip-top shape to keep you cool. It really is that simple with Payne.

Benefits of Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

Your energy efficiency will improve. Since Energy Star identifies HVAC system operation as accounting for 40% of most homes’ energy bills, improvements to your unit’s efficiency will improve your home’s conservation of energy as a whole, saving you money and saving the planet. That’s a big win!

Future costly issues can be avoided. During our maintenance call, we will inspect every nook and cranny of your AC so all the components that could fail, deteriorate, or break down will be assessed. By having an expert look for issues in your system, you could not only save yourself from a sweaty AC breakdown, but also the costs this would accrue for you. That’s how you stay ahead of the game.

Your AC could live longer. Systems that aren’t maintained regularly are left to their own devices. A human being who has gone to the doctor, eats well, and cares for himself or herself is more likely to live a long, healthy life compared to one who hasn’t. Your car needs an oil change every so often to help the motor live a long life. Your air conditioner is very much the same.

You’ll be more comfortable. The obvious answer is this: if your air conditioner runs better, your home will be cooler. But, it’s more than that! A healthy, maintained air conditioner will also blow less debris or pollutants into your home, will be more responsive and quick-acting to your thermostat programmings, and will generally perform better for you all around.

There’s no question that a spring tune-up for your air conditioner is the best choice and May and June are HOT times to make this happen here in Florida.

If you’re ready to tune up your AC and reap the benefits, call Payne Air at (863) 686-6163 to schedule.
Need more information? Check out our HVAC Maintenance info here!

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