Become an Expert on Energy Efficiency by Watching These Videos

Do you want to save money on energy bills while also helping the environment? The key to making your home more energy efficient is learning simple tips and tricks that can go a long way in helping you conserve energy and save more money on your energy bills each month. Below, we’ve put together a list of our favorite videos that help you do just that.

Top Energy Efficiency Videos

Are you ready to start making your home more energy efficient? Here are some entertaining videos that can help you save more energy at home throughout the year:

How to make a House Energy Efficient

This is just one of the videos that makes up a part of Larry Janesky’s “On the Job Series.” In this segment, Janesky, the owner and founder of Dr. Energy Saver takes you through many of the ways that homeowners can work to make their house more energy efficient. The video focuses on home insulation on roofs and attic spaces to help prepare homeowners for the cooler weather during winter months.

Bill Nye on Making His House Energy-Efficient

This video from Wall Street Journal features everyone’s favorite TV scientist – Bill Nye, the Science Guy. In this short segment, he discusses how he keeps his home running with very little energy consumption. Bill Nye goes over the details of his Los Angeles home, and he shares the steps that he has taken to make his own house more energy efficient, helping him save money while also reducing his negative impact on the environment.

TedxBoulder – James Brew – The Value of Energy Efficiency

In this motivating Ted Talk from TedxBoulder, James Brew discusses how making small changes to your house can help make big changes for the environment. Brew discusses the environmental impacts of energy usage and how reducing energy can save you money while also helping the environment. This video is a bit longer than the others, but it does go into more detail about how the simple changes that you make your own home to become more energy efficient impact the greater world around us.

Saving Energy Around the Home – Energy Efficiency Tips

This video offers some simple, low cost ways to save energy in your home on a regular basis. The video covers the following energy efficiency topics:

  • How to Save on Water
  • How to Save on Refrigeration
  • How to Save on Standby Power
  • How to Save on Heating & Cooling

At just under 3 minutes, this quick video can offer you some priceless tips for home energy efficiency. You can watch it on your lunch break and be on your way to saving more energy by dinner time.

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