Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) means everything for home comfort. From the safety and security of your family from harmful toxins and allergens, to the humidity in your home’s air, IAQ makes or breaks the affects of your HVAC system. Regardless of your system’s effectiveness and efficiency, you and your family won’t feel comfortable inside, if you don’t control your IAQ.

Even inside your beautiful Lakeland home, the quality of the air is worse than outside. This is due to the lack of circulation and the heavy use of chemicals. When you add pets or a poor cleaning regimen to the equation, your home can quickly become an entrapment full of dander and toxic contaminants. Without the proper tools and equipment, this poor IAQ will only worsen.

This is why we offer high-end products to help purify, circulate and monitor your air. From high-tech smart thermostats that can track your home’s humidity and allergen levels, to UV lights that kill harmful mold and bacteria particles in your air, Carrier offers elite residential IAQ products for Lakeland locals. Contact a Payne Air Conditioning & Heating team member to discuss which products would best improve your home’s IAQ.

IAQ is especially important for those with respiratory concerns such as asthma and allergies. However, you don’t have to have any health concerns to want to breath the purist air inside your home. Don’t wait until you have a respiratory or other health problem to start thinking about the air you breath as you sleep and function in your home for hours and hours everyday. Schedule a visit from one of our technicians to audit your home’s IAQ and discuss options for improving your home’s air so that you can start breathing easier.

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