AC maintenance Lakeland, FL

The average American home uses their HVAC system around 3,300 hours a year, or just over 9 hours a day. Imagine driving your car that much. Now imagine never getting your oil changed or a tune-up on your car. How long do you think your car will last under that stress before it breaks down? The same principle applies to your air conditioning system for your home or office. It is placed under a fair amount of stress every day, and yet many people neglect to give it any TLC and then are surprised when it gives out. At Payne Air, our technicians are trained to perform thorough, exhaustive maintenance checks to ensure that we catch problems before they arise and keep your system running at it’s peak. Not only that, but by performing regular tune-ups, your system will last MUCH longer and perform more efficiently. All of that ends up saving you money over the long-term.