HVAC Maintenance AgreementsAuburndale, FL, Lakeland, FL & Plant City, FL

Your V.I.C. Maintenance Inspection will include:
  • Condenser coil will be cleaned and inspected for heat transfer loss.
  • Blower wheel and fans will be inspected to assume proper air delivery.
  • Refrigerant will be checked for proper charge and to assure system is leak free.
  • Exposed duct work will be checked for leaks and proper insulation.
  • Belts and pulleys will be inspected and adjusted as required.
  • Thermostats will be checked and calibrated as required.
  • Motors and bearings will be lubricated as required.
  • Controls and safety switches will be tested.
  • Condensate drain will be checked and an algae eliminator will be added to drain pan.
  • Crankcase heater will be checked for proper operation.
  • Relays and contactors will be inspected.
  • Unit wiring and electrical disconnect will be inspected for proper connections.
  • Freon temperature & pressures will be recorded.
  • *Evaporator coil will be inspected and you will be advised if a coil cleaning is needed.
  • Apply sanitizer to Air Handler to kill mildew and viruses.
  • Furnish inspection report and advise of any abnormal conditions or necessary repairs.

*There is an extra cost to remove the evaporator coil from the Air Handler and clean it properly.

  • Make sure your furniture location doesn’t hinder the flow of air from supply registers or into the return air grilles.
  • If your system does not appear to be operating correctly, check your filter, it may be excessively dirty or blocked.
  • Keep the area around your outdoor unit free of weeds and other foliage, as they will restrict air flow.
  • If any unusual noises are heard from your equipment, call us immediately it could prevent a major breakdown.
  • If your system is not cooling or heating, check the circuit breakers first before calling for service, it could save you money.
  • Minimize the number of times you readjust the thermostat, changing the thermostat often can cost you energy.
  • Should a lightning storm occur around your home, and your power is flickering on & off, turn the thermostat to the off position until the power stabilizes.
Payne Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.
October 6, 2017